The Journey BNA : Vol 2

The Journey BNA : Vol 2


Riding the Top 10 radio success of "All About Her", The Journey BNA: Vol. 2 is slated for a September 2019 release. The Journey BNA: Vol 2 is the second six song EP released by Brandt in 2018, and in combination with YYC: Vol 1, completes the 12-song Paul Brandt The Journey YYC - BNA: Vol 1 & 2 collection. 

The song title "YYC BNA" is derived from a self-penned tune of EP I, which sets the ton for Brandt's most personal body of work to date.

"There's a song on the first playlist of songs called 'YYC BNA', says Brandt from his studio in rural Alberta. "It's a really special one to me.Reflections on over 20 years of travel from that YYC Calgary airport to Nashville's "Berry Field" BNA were a catalyst for some of the spirit of this project. Calgary and Nashville are the only places I've ever called 'home', and those two cities bookend my journey in life so far."

The lead-off single for the new EP The Journey BNA: Vol. 2 is called "Bittersweet" boasting a Brad Rempel co-write and featuring Lindsay Ell on guitar. Propelled by this Canadian powerhouse effort, The Journey BNA: Vol. 2 is slated for an August 2018 release. Producer Kat Webber contributes her beautiful vision, filmed in Muskoka, Ontario for the music video for Bittersweet. 


1. Bittersweet
2. You'll Never Know
3. Lie Like That Again
4. Ain't Got Time
5. The Way you Say You Do
6. On My Way Home to You